Keri's Favorite Five

We know that when you start a design project, either on your own or with a professional, the options can be overwhelming. The team at AWD is all about helping you streamline and determine which direction is best for your lifestyle. But what about their faves? We sat down with Keri Feeney to learn about her five favorite design elements - and why custom is key!

1. Decorative Mirrors - I love decorative mirrors! Hands down, the best way to bring more light into a dark or small space. Get design credit by adding an artistic frame.


2. Lighting, lighting, lighting – There is so much that can be done with lighting. My absolute favorite way to quickly transform a room is with beautiful light fixtures, whether mounted to the ceiling, wall or placed on the floor or a table. It’s the one quick way to get an instant lift.  I also love how lighting can create a scene and a mood - that’s why we always recommend Phillips hue lighting - you can change the tone to set a mood, automate your timing and activity, and really create a scene in your own home with the touch of your personal device. Genius!


3. Wall treatments – Whether paper, silk, wood paneling, tile, or fun paint applications, walls can become a room feature simply by highlighting them. It’s so simple, yet so often forgotten.


4. Custom Built-In Cabinetry –  The key word here is CUSTOM! You can turn a plain wall into a work of art by adding built-ins with lighting, wallpaper-lined backs, mixed materials…you name it, it can be done - and be one of a kind. Take a look at the effect this custom cabinetry had on this entryway below - now that is a before and after!

5. Large Format Tile – Dramatic floors are such a trend. Adding larger-sized tiles can really transform a space and give it a contemporary look. When you install this with a zero grout line, the result is a luxurious, clean feel.

We’re sold! How about you? We love hearing from you. What are the design elements you can’t live without?