Thanksgiving Table Inspiration


Need some last minute design inspiration for that perfect holiday table? 

We love these tips, plus a coastal chic take on the holiday from our co-founders' home pictured above. Stunning.

Wow your guests and maintain your sanity, with a few decor tips from the experts:

1. It's about people, not perfection - don't worry about every plate matching, every place setting looking perfect. Eclectic is "in." 

2. When in doubt, flowers - bring mismatched table top items together with a consistent floral theme. Keep it simple with berry garland or branches of greenery and pumpkins for a festive table setting. 


3. Try a new color palette - veer off from the typical orange, brown, and red. Try something new like this season. Perfect in Florida, go coastal chic with all white or pops of blue. 


We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving with your families!

The Design Process: Tips for Getting Started


Renovating, remodeling, redecorating, even just a refresh. Regardless of the end goal, the design process at any scale can be daunting. We so often have clients coming to us, totally overwhelmed by where to start. Luckily, if you work with an interior designer, they should help you navigate the wheres and hows to begin. And if you’re going on your own, we’ve put together our top tips for getting started. Design 101.

  1. Know Your Budget - This is the first place you should start. Determining your budget, and putting together a plan to work within that budget, should be step one of any design process.

  2. Get to know the Floor Plan - And we mean, intimately. Make sure you know the dimensions and details of the space you’re working with. Don’t forget windowsills, molding or ceiling details!

  3. Old Vs. New - Take an inventory. What do you already own that can work in your new space? Repurposing furniture and accessories you already own, and mixing with new pieces, can help keep you on budget and infuse the room with warmth and character.

  4. Inspiration - The first time we sit down with a client, we ask them one pivotal question: '“What inspires you?” We love getting a sense of what the client is drawn to before starting a project. Now is the time to scour Pinterest and Houzz. Pay attention to both the specific pieces you love, and the overall look and feel of the rooms you are drawn to. See what moves you and seek to make it your own.

Ready to get started? Contact us today. We’d love to chat!

Shades of Grey


Navigating the endless variations of wall color can be daunting - from shades of grey to the whitest whites - so it's no surprise we get asked over and over again for guidance on selecting the perfect paint color for our clients.  The small nuances between different shades of color - especially whites and greys - can have a big impact on the finished product of your home - so it helps to look to an expert for tips.

Here are the top five timeless, classic shades we always find ourselves coming back to when searching for the perfect neutral.

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore - a light and luminous white.

  • Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams - the perfect soft white for the home.

  • Gray Mist by Benjamin Moore - a classic shade that complements accent colors.

  • Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore - a timeless and elegant neutral.

  • Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore - rich, deep, and luxurious, this is a versatile neutral that works well with most color schemes.

Still not sure? Let your inspiration and decor guide you to selecting a color. Use testers, and make sure to test your colors not only on the wall, but also against your furniture and fabrics. When in doubt, we're here for you!

Meet the Team Behind AWD


Meet Alicia, Keri and Angelika, the dream team behind Alicia Weaver Design. They're sharing everything from where they find inspiration to why you need a designer in your life.

Why use a designer?
Working with a designer allows you to achieve your vision and design goals in a more efficient manner. Our clients often find that going through the process just once, and with a professional eye on their side, saves them time and money. There are so many fine details throughout the process, working with us ensures that our clients can focus on the end game, and creating the design for their dream home exactly the way they have envisioned. We have built an incredible roster of trade resources to which we turn when designing a space. We are able to pull from this amazing library to achieve our clients design aesthetic, while keep projects on budget. We are able to utilize our collection of products and custom designs to fit everyone's needs.

Why shop the trade?
We have worked very hard to build our library of reputable sources for your home. We have access to many beautiful pieces both stocked and custom lines that you may not normally find at retail. Since we get to know our vendors, their lines and capabilities, we are adamant that we only use trade professionals whose quality and customer service are in line with our mission at Alicia Weaver Design.

What is your most valued design tip?
Space planning is so important. Whether using existing pieces, mixing new and old or starting completely from scratch, you need a plan to be sure it all makes sense, and is functional for your needs. Most licensed professional designers, such as our firm, are educated and proficient in programs such as AutoCAD which makes it easy to use your floor plan, and lay out the items you already have as well as the new items you are about to purchase. This will give you peace of mind when creating an overall plan for your space.

What makes your style unique?
We pride ourselves on creating livable luxury in our clients' homes. We have created all genres of design trends, and understand this is such a personal preference when it comes to our clients. Alicia is educated in Interior Design, and understands the underlying principles of what it takes to make a livable, functional space. With Keri’s background in fashion, she brings the trend elements to the equation, and is on the pulse of what is happening in the world in terms of trend and color. Angelika has a knack for flawless design execution and industry experience, working with architects, contractors and suppliers. Together the three of us make an incredible team and bring three varying backgrounds together to create one amazing point of view for our firm.

Who is your design icon and why?
Without question, the divine Kelly Wearstler! She is an icon in the design world. Not only is she an incredible interior design talent, but she has created a bustling business creating and selling furniture, textiles, lighting and more (which we are totally obsessed with), and has authored several books. We admire the fact that she is a mother, and really has achieved, and is still achieving it all.

If you were a piece of furniture, what would you want to be and why?
A tete a tete! This not-your-everyday-piece is not only a conversation starter, but how amazing to be able to sit on a seat with its sole purpose to have intimate conversation with someone else. To be a fly on a tete a tete...

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
None other than Diane von Furstenburg. She has created a business as a mother, and wife, and has pushed through every glass ceiling that has been put over her head. Her iconic designs are the utmost in comfort, classic design, and her brand is legendary.

What is your ideal getaway/escape and why?
One of our childhood friends has a home in the Bahamas, and it is our favorite spot to visit. The Bahamas are a super short flight from our home in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and once land, you are in paradise. Not to mention that she is also a fellow interior designer, so her home is just spectacular, making the entire experience magical.