Alicia's Design Must-Haves

We sat down with Alicia Weaver to get the scoop on the design elements she can’t live without. “There are so many things that can transform a space - from small accents to color to prints,” Alicia told us. Her general motto: go big or go home. We couldn’t agree more! Here’s her list of can’t-live-without design essentials:

  • Large Coffee table books - The perfect accent. And, they’re just filled with pretty things!

  • Large Artwork - One large piece can finish a room and become a focal point. It’s definitely a design must-have.

  • Pretty Chandeliers - any and all! Lighting fixtures can completely transform a room and there is nothing like a beautiful chandelier.

  • Lucite - whether it be a chair, tray or a piece of acrylic, I love adding lucite as an accent to any room.

  • Animal print - When it comes to mixing and matching, animal hair is a no-brainer. Whether it’s hair on hide on a chair, or print on a pillow, a little animal print goes a long way.

  • Wallpaper - I LOVE wallpaper!! Everywhere! Layering materials makes me happy, but it also makes for a fun and cozy home.

  • Oversized lamps - Oversized lamps can make such a statement. I especially love large nightstand lamps. My personal lamps are a sea-foam blue ceramic with a 20” round shade.

  • Throw Pillows - Adding or replacing throw pillows is an easy way to change a space and create new style when you’re in the mood for something new.


And her list goes on…from white towels to comfy sheets to real marble (somewhere, anywhere!), there are so many elements that make a house a (well-designed) home. What are your design must-haves? We’d love to hear from you!