Shades of Grey


Navigating the endless variations of wall color can be daunting - from shades of grey to the whitest whites - so it's no surprise we get asked over and over again for guidance on selecting the perfect paint color for our clients.  The small nuances between different shades of color - especially whites and greys - can have a big impact on the finished product of your home - so it helps to look to an expert for tips.

Here are the top five timeless, classic shades we always find ourselves coming back to when searching for the perfect neutral.

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore - a light and luminous white.

  • Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams - the perfect soft white for the home.

  • Gray Mist by Benjamin Moore - a classic shade that complements accent colors.

  • Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore - a timeless and elegant neutral.

  • Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore - rich, deep, and luxurious, this is a versatile neutral that works well with most color schemes.

Still not sure? Let your inspiration and decor guide you to selecting a color. Use testers, and make sure to test your colors not only on the wall, but also against your furniture and fabrics. When in doubt, we're here for you!