Outdoor Living: Everything You Need To Know


Being based in South Florida, we are all about outdoor living. We love creating a living area outdoors that transcends your typical backyard. So we wanted to share some of our favorite tips, tricks and the trends you should know about when it comes to outdoor design.

  • First things first, choose comfortable, luxurious outdoor furniture. There is nothing more important in creating a livable space which is functional and fits your family’s needs. Seating should be well thought out in terms of your space plan and use.

  • Color, color, color! We love the use of color outdoors. Colorful pillows can easily change the look based on the season, and adding colorful rugs and outdoor throws add polish. Don’t be afraid to pop your favorites outside - you can get away with bolder prints and shades here than you can inside.

  • Create an inviting space for day + night - with the use of lighting and elements like a fire pit, lights strung above a gathering space and candle light from large LED candles and torches.

  • Mixing materials works just like it does inside the house - add interest, texture and depth - concrete, natural wood, woven materials and metals can all be meshed outdoors.

  • Be mindful of the effects of weather - metals should be powder-coated to protect from the elements (especially in South Florida!) and be sure to protect furniture when not in use by getting Sunbrella covers.

  • Create an upscale feel with the use of tongue and groove on the ceiling, and add pretty melamine dishware, which has the same look as the delicate ceramic you use indoors.

  • One of the biggest trends in outdoor decor is the use of art - don’t be afraid to integrate artwork in different forms in your outdoor space. Art is now available in finishes that can withstand the elements!

What is your favorite thing about the outdoor lifestyle? We’d love to hear!