All About Wallpaper


Wallpaper. What can we say? We can’t get enough. The verdict is in and bold wallpapers are back. We love that wallpaper is one of the hottest design trends this year. But to be honest, we never stopped incorporating wallpaper into our designs. It’s our favorite way to add texture, depth and personality to a space. The more you layer a room, the cozier it feels, and we are all about a cozy, inviting home.

Wallpaper has replaced the painted accent wall, so it can be used in any and EVERY room. We’ve even been known to put it on the ceiling - but some of our favorite and most common places to use it are the entry way, powder bathrooms, and bedrooms. 

Choosing the right wallpaper is important - so we couldn’t leave you without sharing some of the brands we trust!

And here are some of our favorite examples of wallpaper done right in our designs:

1-entry2 (1).jpg
grover after.jpeg
3 - powder.jpeg
Photo Mar 07, 10 37 53 AM.jpg