Design Details We Covet

From the more traditional to the unexpected, the details that go into a design are what truly make it a home. We’re sharing some of the design details we covet, that make our designs uniquely ours.

Interesting Ceilings

From wood beams to bold colors to the wallpaper on this gorgeous ceiling, we love drawing your attention up to this so-often-forgotten-about blank canvas.


Mixed Patterns

Our mantra - do not be afraid to mix patterns! Is there anything better than the unexpected harmony of multiple patterns that fit so perfectly together? We love how this girls room turned out.

San Francisco feat. on HGTV.jpg

Coastal Accents

Well, we couldn’t live in South Florida and not incorporate coastal accents into our designs, right? Truly, though, there is nothing we love more than taking inspiration from the coast and carrying it into the home, from decorative accents to color palettes to lighting fixtures like this gorgeous pendant.


Personal Touches

Design can make a house beautiful - but personal touches make it a home. We love surprising our clients with special design features, like this photo of our client’s car that we blew up and made a focal point of the room.

2019_03_27_101SFT_021_LowRes (1).jpg

Tell us - what are some of the details that make your house a home? We would love to hear!