Partner Spotlight: Made Goods

photo provided by Made Goods

photo provided by Made Goods

One of our favorite things about designing is all of the incredible partners we get to work with to make our clients’ dreams a reality. So we thought it fitting to start highlighting some of those partners, and share why, and how much, we adore them!

First up, we want to tell you all about Made Goods. Made Goods designs and produces luxury home furnishings for top-tier designers, boutique retail and 5-star hospitality. This isn’t your average furniture store!! In fact, they are a wholesale distributor, so you only get access to their pieces by working with a designer (like us!). Known as a destination for furniture, lighting, outdoor and decor, each Made Goods item is designed to be a special statement - both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

Below, we share some of the ways we’ve incorporated these gorgeous Made Goods pieces into our designs.

Chandelier by Made Goods

Chandelier by Made Goods

Chandelier by Made Goods

Chandelier by Made Goods

We love that their pieces use rare and unusual materials, many exclusive to Made Goods. The designs are statement pieces - looks that you would imagine to be custom and are totally unexpected.

Nightstands by Made Goods.

Nightstands by Made Goods.

And since we always want to tailor our designs to our clients’ needs, we appreciate how the look of the line can transition from modern, contemporary, transitional and perhaps even traditional. They’re so thoughtful with their designs, and meticulous down to the the small curves and interesting hardware. It doesn’t hurt that their customer service is incredible - they truly cater to the design community.

White desk by Made Goods

White desk by Made Goods

White Bowl by Made Goods

White Bowl by Made Goods

Made Goods, we love working with you. Thank you for being a valued partner!


Outdoor Living: Everything You Need To Know


Being based in South Florida, we are all about outdoor living. We love creating a living area outdoors that transcends your typical backyard. So we wanted to share some of our favorite tips, tricks and the trends you should know about when it comes to outdoor design.

  • First things first, choose comfortable, luxurious outdoor furniture. There is nothing more important in creating a livable space which is functional and fits your family’s needs. Seating should be well thought out in terms of your space plan and use.

  • Color, color, color! We love the use of color outdoors. Colorful pillows can easily change the look based on the season, and adding colorful rugs and outdoor throws add polish. Don’t be afraid to pop your favorites outside - you can get away with bolder prints and shades here than you can inside.

  • Create an inviting space for day + night - with the use of lighting and elements like a fire pit, lights strung above a gathering space and candle light from large LED candles and torches.

  • Mixing materials works just like it does inside the house - add interest, texture and depth - concrete, natural wood, woven materials and metals can all be meshed outdoors.

  • Be mindful of the effects of weather - metals should be powder-coated to protect from the elements (especially in South Florida!) and be sure to protect furniture when not in use by getting Sunbrella covers.

  • Create an upscale feel with the use of tongue and groove on the ceiling, and add pretty melamine dishware, which has the same look as the delicate ceramic you use indoors.

  • One of the biggest trends in outdoor decor is the use of art - don’t be afraid to integrate artwork in different forms in your outdoor space. Art is now available in finishes that can withstand the elements!

What is your favorite thing about the outdoor lifestyle? We’d love to hear!


All About Wallpaper


Wallpaper. What can we say? We can’t get enough. The verdict is in and bold wallpapers are back. We love that wallpaper is one of the hottest design trends this year. But to be honest, we never stopped incorporating wallpaper into our designs. It’s our favorite way to add texture, depth and personality to a space. The more you layer a room, the cozier it feels, and we are all about a cozy, inviting home.

Wallpaper has replaced the painted accent wall, so it can be used in any and EVERY room. We’ve even been known to put it on the ceiling - but some of our favorite and most common places to use it are the entry way, powder bathrooms, and bedrooms. 

Choosing the right wallpaper is important - so we couldn’t leave you without sharing some of the brands we trust!

And here are some of our favorite examples of wallpaper done right in our designs:

1-entry2 (1).jpg
grover after.jpeg
3 - powder.jpeg
Photo Mar 07, 10 37 53 AM.jpg

Keri's Favorite Five

We know that when you start a design project, either on your own or with a professional, the options can be overwhelming. The team at AWD is all about helping you streamline and determine which direction is best for your lifestyle. But what about their faves? We sat down with Keri Feeney to learn about her five favorite design elements - and why custom is key!

1. Decorative Mirrors - I love decorative mirrors! Hands down, the best way to bring more light into a dark or small space. Get design credit by adding an artistic frame.


2. Lighting, lighting, lighting – There is so much that can be done with lighting. My absolute favorite way to quickly transform a room is with beautiful light fixtures, whether mounted to the ceiling, wall or placed on the floor or a table. It’s the one quick way to get an instant lift.  I also love how lighting can create a scene and a mood - that’s why we always recommend Phillips hue lighting - you can change the tone to set a mood, automate your timing and activity, and really create a scene in your own home with the touch of your personal device. Genius!


3. Wall treatments – Whether paper, silk, wood paneling, tile, or fun paint applications, walls can become a room feature simply by highlighting them. It’s so simple, yet so often forgotten.


4. Custom Built-In Cabinetry –  The key word here is CUSTOM! You can turn a plain wall into a work of art by adding built-ins with lighting, wallpaper-lined backs, mixed materials…you name it, it can be done - and be one of a kind. Take a look at the effect this custom cabinetry had on this entryway below - now that is a before and after!

5. Large Format Tile – Dramatic floors are such a trend. Adding larger-sized tiles can really transform a space and give it a contemporary look. When you install this with a zero grout line, the result is a luxurious, clean feel.

We’re sold! How about you? We love hearing from you. What are the design elements you can’t live without?